About me

All my life I have been looking for answers, the hidden meaning behind existence, the secret workings of the universe. I had these big questions like: Who am I? Why am I here? Why are we all here? I looked for answers in religion, philosophy, science. I went from being a believer to being a non-believer and back. Until I found yoga.

In yoga I realised that the very search for meaning was meaningless, that life is not understood by trying to understand and that answers came once I stopped asking. In that inner space created by movement and meditation I discovered that instead of the need to know there now was a need to be.

Massage came as a natural continuation of my interest in the connection between movement and awareness, allowing me to further explore the body-mind continuum beyond the limits of my own skin.

My work now is at this intersection of the body and mind, a space where I feel all rules are off, sort of like in quantum physics …