The Practice

Our bodies have stories to tell, lessons to teach, secrets to share. A vast reservoir of untapped feelings, sensations and emotions, a gathering of elements working together to maintain this idea that is us, the body is a source of knowledge, comfort and understanding beyond that of the conscious mind, our most enduring and caring home.

And yet we spend our lives in our minds, disconnected from our bodies, thinking our way through the days and the years, revisiting the past and imagining the future, mirror images of whom we could really be, rarely ever present to this unfolding of ourselves as ourselves taking place right here in the here and now.

In this practice we create a safe space to gently bring the mind back home and tap into the wisdom of the body. Using the arts of embodiment, we combine the conscious alignment of movement, breath and awareness to experience the bodymind in its natural state of union and surrender into the timeless wisdom of the moment.