Embody You!

Our minds are like water, they will take the shape of the physical container they find themselves into. It can be hard and inflexible, fluid and permeable or everything in-between. The question is, what kind of container have you created for yourself? Are you content with how it feels to be you and how your body feels around the idea of you, how it moves through the days and how you are unfolding through life?

If we are not self aware, our mind-body container will lack strong boundaries and will be easily moulded by outside influences, the people we surround ourselves with, the work we force ourselves to do, the situations we place ourselves in, the conditioning of our society, the psychological patterns we inherited,  the physical and emotional traumas we never knew we carry, the ideas and beliefs we pick throughout life.

We can use our minds to explore all the ways we sabotage ourselves, but, after a while, we will find ourselves in the never ending loop of the mind looking at the mind, trying to make sense of the mind. If we allow ourselves to step out of the mind and into the body, we can bring back to awareness, we can fully feel and experience everything the mind can not put into words, we can embrace all of ourselves and find ourselves whole again.

In the Embody You sessions we use the body to explore all the ways in which you are completely yourself and all the ways in which you aren’t. How to come back to yourself and listen to yourself more when you feel pressured into being someone else. How to create your own rituals and routines that can help you feel more at home inside your body and live a more authentic life. You will find your own way to embody yourself.

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