Our bodies have stories to tell, secrets to share, lessons to teach …

Receiving a massage creates a safe space for us to listen and maybe even get some answers, a way to gently help the mind come back home into the body and listen to what it has to say, to move and be moved into awareness.

But the journey of the mind into the body is not always a walk in the forest. We might encounter resistance, discomfort and sometimes even old wounds, and yet, if we can manage to accept and bring our awareness into all the body has to share, we can find our way back into our own skin.

The Thai massage tradition draws its roots from the Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine schools and approaches the body and mind as a whole. It combines joint manipulation with muscle stretches and fascia release, internal organs massage and acupressure, all aiming to work on different layers of the physical, mental and emotional bodies.

My particular approach to massage balances the right amount of pressure with the right amount of movement to allow the body to soften and relax, using conscious breath to inform and guide our way through the inner landscape, we tap into the wisdom of the body, creating more space and ease inside.

Depending on each body’s needs, I offer different variations of Thai massage, either on a massage mat or a table:

Inner Rhythm  

A form of massage I’ve developed over the years, focused on deep listening to the needs and voice of the body, using touch awareness, conscious breath and energy work to tune into the inner rhythm of the body Book now

OsteoThai Flow 

A variation of Thai Yoga massage that integrates joint manipulation techniques and rhythmic elements from Osteopathy, approaching the body with less linear, and more soft, circular movements  Book now

Therapeutic Thai Yoga Massage

This massage targets specific complaints, weak or chronically tight areas in the body such as lower back pain, tight upper back, frozen shoulder or reduced range of movement in the hip joints  Book now

Traditional Thai Massage 

A ”no nonsense” kind of massage, that works on all the major joints and muscle groups in the body, also known as ”lazy yoga”, it will leave your body feeling more open, spacious and energised  Book now

Deep-Tissue Oil Massage

Especially effective for severe tightness in the muscles and connective tissue, this form of massage uses more pressure and targets those obstinate knots in your body that need more time and patience to let go  Book now

Relaxing Oil Massage

The name says it all, with very little movement and very flow-like techniques, this massage brings you back into your ”rest and digest”parasympathetic nervous system and peels off all your layers of stress, one minute at a time  Book now

Thai Foot Reflexology

For the sheer bliss of it and because feet deserve it! Our feet carry us around each day, every day and we rarely give them the attention and care that they need. Plus, it works wonders on our stressed and busy minds!  Book now

All massages can be booked for 60 or 90 minutes sessions and cost 65 and 95 euros respectively. First time clients get a 25% discount, book yours here!